The YouTube Ads People Chose In July 2014

    This July Leaderboard is packed with respect—for those absent but not forgotten, retiring sports heroes and humanity in general. Jordan tips its hat (as do others) to departing Yankees’ captain Derek Jeter in #RE2PECT, Guinness salutes the character of a community as it honors a soldier who is out of sight but not out of mind, and Burger King helps celebrate Pride Day in a unique way.

    And now, with half the year behind us, we are starting to look forward to the year-end Agency Leaderboard. Which agencies reign supreme so far? Our counter below tallies the top creative and media agencies based on Leaderboard placements to date.

    2014 Agency Standings

    Creative Agency
    Wieden + Kennedy
    12 Appearances View all ›
    Gold medal
    Media Agency
    Starcom MediaVest Group
    17 Appearances View all ›

    Published 08/12/2014



    Views in July


    Uploaded by: Jordan

    Creative agency: Wieden + Kennedy New York

    Media: Wieden + Kennedy New York


    Do more with Samsung GALAXY Tab S - Multitasking

    Views in July


    Uploaded by: Samsung Mobile

    Creative agency: Cheil Worldwide

    Media: Starcom Mediavest


    Sometimes you just want to say thank you #TDThanksYou

    Views in July


    Uploaded by: TD Canada

    Creative agency: Diamond & Leo Burnett

    Media: Starcom


    Burger King Proud Whopper

    Views in July


    Uploaded by: Burger King

    Creative agency: David

    Media: Horizon


    JIBO: The World's First Family Robot

    Views in July


    Uploaded by: JIBO

    Creative agency: Feedback, LLC

    Media: RAINFACTORY, Inc.


    Guinness Commercial: Empty Chair

    Views in July


    Uploaded by: Guinness

    Creative agency: BBDO

    Media: Carat


    Old Spice | Soccer

    Views in July


    Uploaded by: Old Spice

    Creative agency: Wieden + Kennedy Portland

    Media: Wieden + Kennedy Portland


    Amazing in Motion - STROBE

    Views in July


    Uploaded by: Lexus International

    Creative agency: Saatchi & Saatchi Fallon

    Media: Team One


    Heineken Light | Neil Patrick Harris | Director

    Views in July


    Uploaded by: Heineken USA

    Creative agency: Wieden + Kennedy New York

    Media: MediaVest


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