Find Your Way to Oz

An interactive circus that takes you to the land of Oz.

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By: Unit9 , Google Chrome , Disney

Brand: Disney

The Story

Our challenge was to extend the world of Disney’s film to the web, using some of the latest features of the Chrome browser. To answer that brief, we wanted to create something beautiful, something to capture the magic of Sam Raimi's Oz The Great and Powerful in a new way. Technologically, we were aiming for a groundbreaking combination of WebGL and HTML5. The interactive experience we present is a simple journey that flows toward the world you can experience on film. It’s your interactive journey to reach Oz, in a new kind of film trailer where you’re actively involved and in control.

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Oz was a complex process to manage creatively. Directed By Anrick Bregman and with a team of more than 40, the technological vision was realized through prototypes covering every Chrome feature we thought we could use and eventually settling on a subset of six to seven prototypes that we could integrate into the experience. Thanks to the powerful Chrome renderer, we worked with a lot of handmade matte paintings and custom light effects which made a more tangible, touchable carnival scene in WebGL possible. The tornado experience is made with custom web shaders, combined with very classic film VFX techniques.

The Technology

The Results

Find Your Way to Oz is an example of what technology can achieve, the many layers of technique brought seamlessly together to create a surprising experience. The storm especially exemplifies the seamless culmination of techniques: the storm swirls are created with 200 lines of code, the background is traditional matte painting, the balloon is traditional keyframe animation and the clouds particle-based, overlayed with sunflare. The storm isn’t a loop, it’s different every time for everyone. The 3D sound changes as you move through the experience. It’s a unique experience for each and every user.

  • 45

    team members working on this project

  • 30K

    lines of code written

  • 900

    total hours spent on this project

Launch Date Feb. 5, 2013

The Team

  • Unit9
    • Anrick Bregman
    • Gilles Boisselet
      Technical Lead
    • Yates Buckley
      Technical Director
    • Alessandro Pula
      Executive Producer
    • Fredrick Aven
      Art Director
    • Silvio Paganini
      Lead Developer
      Front End
    • Marco Scabia
      3D Tech Lead
    • Daniele Pelegatti
      Lead Developer
    • Maciej Zasada
      Lead Developer
  • Google Chrome
    • Disney
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