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By: Mother New York , Rain , The Guild , Moment Factory , Deep Local

Brand: Microsoft

The Story

We wanted to get a new group of people to be excited by and engage with the Windows 8 product launch. We sought to create the ultimate hands-on demonstration in the heart of global influence, getting the attention of New Yorkers who might not otherwise know about it.

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We bridged the digital and physical world to bring an immersive model of Manhattan to life. It included tweets printing into our Central Park like leaves, vintage-styled viewfinders for snapping and sharing photos, a photo booth in our Times Square that would splash your image across a batch of screens and a site featuring live streams of the space. Plus the main attraction, over 200 Windows 8 devices in the space itself that were customized by notable New Yorkers to the neighborhoods of the city, available to explore and discover.

The Technology

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The Results

It got a new audience of people paying attention, people who hadn’t touched a PC in years. In the few days the event was live, hundreds of tweets and photos from the event were shared out, and talk of the event was appearing in social media from Rio to Mumbai.

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    Touchscreens personalized by neighborhood

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    Block party with Filter Magazine

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    City brought to life through Windows 8

Launch Date Oct. 27, 2012

The Team

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