Face Arcade

Nutty arcade games you play with your face.

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By: Resn

The Story

Use your face to control a cacophony of fast-paced and addictive mini-games, races and mad tasks; compete with your hangout friends and emerge as the face arcade champion!

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The Hangouts API was at the core of everything that we did for Face Arcade. It uses an external plugin to expose the extra abilities like face detection and shared state.

The Technology

The Results

Have you played it? It turns out that multi-player games are hard to write, since there’s so much more that can go wrong. They’re even harder to test, because of the time and people it takes to set up those tests. Playing a game like Face Arcade is great on your own, but to play side-by-side in the way that Google Hangouts allows is hilarious.

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Launch Date Sept. 25, 2012

The Team

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