of smartphone owners turn to search first to address their immediate needs.

Google/Purchased, Digital Diary: How Consumers Solve Their Needs in the Moment, Representative sample of U.S. smartphone users = 1000. Smartphone users by immediacy need type = 623-961, Responses = 14,840, Needs = 10,540, May 2016.


Related Data


30% of mobile searches are related to location.

Apr. 2016 Google Data

People visit 1.5 billion destinations every month related to their Google Searches.

Mar. 2016 Google Data

"Near me" mobile searches grew 136% YoY.

Mar. 2016 v. Mar 2015 Google Internal Search Data. U.S.

28% of searches for something nearby result in a purchase.

May 2016 Google/Purchased

88% of people who conduct a local search on their smartphone visit a related store within a week.

Mar. 2016 Google/Ipsos Connect

YoY increase in mobile searches for “stores open now” or “food open now."

Mar. 2016 v. Mar 2015 Google Trends, U.S