Canadians are mobile and our devices have become our constant companions. As much as we use them to connect with our social circles, we also rely on them increasingly as a trusted advisor in the moments where preferences are shaped and decisions made.

Written by
Andrew Assad , Elizabeth Pingle
March 2015

Life is a collection of moments, and Canadians turn to their smartphones to capture, explore, schedule, soundtrack, share, verify, fix, stream, watch or improve on these moments everyday.

Such moments range from the second they hear a rattling coming from the engine of their car and decide it's time to look for the nearest mechanic, to the moment their boss grants them a vacation day and decide it's time to look into flight and hotel packages. According to Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers' 2013 Internet Trends Report, the average person checks their phone approximately 150 times per day.

Over the next few months, our series will outline how marketers can be present in these moments, as well as the three main reasons why they should develop a strong mobile marketing campaign, which we've dubbed the "Mobile Trifecta":

Mobile searches are always-on, whenever and wherever these moments happen
Consumers search on their phones purposefully, to guide a decision they need to make
When they decide to take action, they often do so immediately, in the moment

The mobile trifecta exemplifies why marketers need to be ready for these moments, and how this unique platform requires a unique marketing strategy.

Mobile as the New Battleground

Mobile has emerged as the new frontier for marketers, and your consumers' moments of need are the new battlegrounds. Marketers now need to adjust their strategies to optimize for a platform that is always on, used purposefully and relied on for its immediacy. As Sridhar Ramaswamy, Google's SVP of Ads and Commerce, recently commented, brands will compete on mobile "for hearts, minds and, with them, the dollars their attention brings along."

A Tool to Find Your Consumers' Moments of Need

We have prepared a variety of tools and resources to better equip those competing in the mobile arena. The Canadian Mobile Search Moments Study helps identify how Canadians are searching for information online, broken down to a category level so you can see when and where people are looking for your brand. With this research, you can understand the moments your brand needs to plan for. Download this research paper to be the first in the know, and follow this series as we breakdown key insights from our study.