Google's Art, Copy & Code project aims to reimagine the ways creativity and technology can work hand in hand to build brands. During live television events such as sports, fans turn to their laptops, phones, and tablets to talk about and share key moments. In a new partnership with Nike, we set out to tap into the real-time energy of live sports and experiment with Google's ad technology to deliver more engaging experiences across the web right when it matters most.

Written by
Mike Glaser
June 2014

Last year, we launched our Art, Copy & Code project to partner with iconic brands such as Volkswagen and Burberry and to reimagine how technology and creativity come together in advertising. In our latest collaboration, we'€™ve teamed up with Nike, Wieden+Kennedy, Mindshare and Grow for a new take on digital sports marketing.

Google research has shown what fans already know: the way we watch sports has changed. Nearly 80% of consumers watch TV with a laptop, tablet or mobile phone nearby. After major events in the games, these screens come to life—€”searches spike, and the "€œdid-you-see-that?"€ moments become the must-have, real-time currency of the web.

To help celebrate and connect with Nike athletes during the summer, we worked with Nike to develop an immersive 3D experience that lets global fans participate, remix and share in their pivotal moments as they happen.

Watch a quick demo of the experience:


"Nike is always looking for new ways to innovate, not just through our athletes, products and stories but also in the way we connect with our consumers,"€ says Davide Grasso, chief marketing officer at Nike. "€œWe're focused on new and interesting ways to inspire and enable athletes, and the innovation that Google is able to deliver is something that excites us. The technology is an exciting way for us to scale our interaction with athletes in real time and deliver them content that will help fuel their conversations. It's a very powerful way to engage with Nike during some amazing moments in sports."€

The campaign is built on two key technologies:

Real time, reimagined: Through a specially designed and real-time ad delivery tool, a high volume of display ads will show across the sites and apps in the Google Display Network within minutes of a Nike athlete's phenomenal play happening on TV. The ad creative is relevant to the specific play that fans just saw happen on TV.

The cross-screen experience ... now in 3D: Using modern browser technologies such as HTML5 and WebGL, Nike'€™s athletes will come to life in 3D across screens. On mobile phones and tablets, the campaign will make particular use of the unique capabilities of mobile devices. For example, using the phone'€™s internal sensors, fans will be able to view 360 degrees around the character by tilting and panning their phone so they can capture their own perfect shot. Fans will also be able to remix key moments with headlines, image filters and stickers and then share their unique creations on Google+, Facebook and Twitter.


Along the way, we'€™ve learned a few things:

Embrace the data
Search data can be a great barometer of what'€™s happening in big, collective cultural moments. Examining this data can help with not just what you create but when you present it to the world.

Plan ahead
While you can'€™t predict what'€™s going to happen in the real world, you can identify possible scenarios. Start by creating a library of content that can be tweaked on the fly. Then explore ad delivery technologies to dynamically refresh your message based on what'€™s happening in the real world.

For small screens, think big
Mobile ads don't have to be a downsized version of your desktop creative. Modern browsers can deliver immersive mobile experiences that weren't feasible even two years ago without the barrier of downloading an app.

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