About to bathe her daughter, Gayle realized her little girl had grown too big for her bathtub insert. She used her smartphone to learn about removing the insert and discovered it could be adapted for toddlers. Bathtime was back on track–and Gayle uncovered a useful new product feature.

June 2016

People can turn to their smartphones at any point during the decision journey, including after they've purchased a product. By understanding what consumers might want in those post-purchase I-need-some-ideas moments, brands can build loyalty and create advocates. Marketers should learn common category and brand topics their consumers are searching for, and ensure they're meeting these needs by providing useful and relevant post-purchase content.


49% YoY growth in baby-related how-to searches on mobile.

Source: Google Data, April 2015, United States. Classification as a "how to" search was based on searches including "how to" and "tutorial" and may not account for every "how to" search on Google.