Marketing leaders are 1.6X more likely than laggards to prioritize integrating technology and 1.2X more likely to be advanced users of their technology.

Bain/Google Marketing Leaders Study, North America, N=516 marketing and advertising media and technology executive decision makers. North America Leaders (N=123) are defined using a composite score of self-reported revenue and market share growth, Nov. 2017.


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Control over investments and channels is the top benefit of integrated marketing and ad tech for leaders.

November 2017 Bain/Google

Leaders were 1.4X more likely than laggards to manage technology within marketing today, and more expect to do so in the next three years.

November 2017 Bain/Google

Marketing leaders are 1.7X more likely to refresh their most critical marketing metrics and dashboards at least weekly.

November 2017 Bain/Google

of marketers are using consumer research to drive decisions.

April 2018 Google Surveys