The Great Monteith's MeatPack Hunt

An augmented-reality urban hunting game

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By: ColensoBBDO , Rush Digital

Brand: DB breweries

The Story

When the folks at Monteith's wanted to have a little fun promoting the company's beers and ciders, they decided to focus on pairings. Set on the alcohol, the company needed to find a way to get the meat into potential customers' hands. That led them to consider the Kiwis' love of hunting. Since carrying a loaded rifle through the streets is frowned upon, the company created The Great Monteith's MeatPack Hunt app, an augmented-reality urban hunting game. Users can shoot virtual animals and request specific cuts of meat, which can then be delivered directly to their front door. How about a nice golden lager with your roasted duck?

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This augmented-reality app for Android and iPhone lets users hunt in their own backyards—anywhere, really. The app uses the phone’s orientation for realistic targeting. Using several different sensors available on today’s smartphones, we developed a custom algorithm that recognizes the device's rate of rotation. It selectively applies magnetic bearing and anti-noise filters to blend and clean the raw sensor data into a usable format.

The Technology

The Results

Players fired more than 1.2 million shots and scored 1,400 direct hits to the specific target area on bulls. Monteith’s has sent 580 MeatPacks to hunters all over New Zealand.

  • 15K

    Players who downloaded the game during hunting season

  • 45K

    Times the game was played

Launch Date Jan. 15, 2014

The Team

  • ColensoBBDO
    • Terry Williams Willcock
      Digital Creative DIrector
    • Dov Tombs
      Lead Producer
    • Brodie Reid
      Account Director
    • Oriel Davis-Lyons
    • Beth O'Brien
      Art Director
  • Rush Digital
    • Danushka Abeysuriya
      Technology strategy
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