BAND-AID Magic Vision

An app that turns kids' pain into a stage to entertain.

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By: JWT New York


The Story

Magic Vision started like a lot of our invention initiatives, not with a formal brief, but with a small team that had a big idea. The idea was simple - we wanted to turn the BAND-AID bandage itself into an experience that would turn moments of pain into moments of delight. Our challenge was to connect with the target audience, primarily moms, differentiating the BAND-AID Brand bandages from store brands - especially for younger, more cost-conscious moms. We also wanted to create an experience that would be accessible "out in the world" - on the playground, in places where cuts and scrapes happen.

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We wanted to use BAND-AIDS to create an emotional bond between parents and kids. And we used Augmented Reality to achieve this. When a parent applies a Muppets BAND-AID and scans it with the Magic Vision app, they can swing Kermit while he plays his banjo (thanks to the accelerometer), take photos with Miss Piggy as she strolls the red carpet (thanks to the camera), and interact with Gonzo's amazing stunts (thanks to the touch screen and vibrating feedback).

The Technology

The Results

People spend a significant time with MAgic Vision while endorsing it to others. Why? Because it creates an emotional bond between parents and children, it amplifies the magic that comes from a BAND-AID and it provides distraction for kids to entertain away the hurt. Users gave it 4.5/5 stars on the iTunes store and it has garnered a 12.5% app “like rate”—exceeding 10% industry benchmark. It won a Cannes Gold Lion in new mobile category and achieved 115 million+ earned media impressions.

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    minutes spent on avg playing

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    percent of users open the app 7+ times

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    team members working on this project

Launch Date April 26, 2012

The Team

  • JWT New York
    • Jeff Benjamin
      Chief Creative Officer
      North America
    • Matt MacDonald
      Chief Creative Officer
    • Ryan Kutscher
      Chief Creative Officer
    • Eric Weisberg
      Executive Creative Director
    • Josh Shabtai
      Creative Director
    • Rachel Birnbaum
      Creative Director
    • Yana Hunt
      Creative Director
    • Bianca Guimaraes
      Art Director
    • Martin Legowiecki
      Director of Creative Technology
    • Mike Geiger
      Chief Integration Officer
      North America
    • James Cooper
      Chief Creative Innovation Officer
    • Sergio Lopez
      Head of Production
    • Paul Sutton
      Director of Digital Production
    • Suzanne Molinaro
      Director of Digital Production
    • Vanessa Scanlan
      Digital Producer
    • Jon Fishel
      Senior User Experience Strategist
    • Chris Wilson
      Business Director
    • Kate Larado
      Account Executive
    • Calais Zagarow
      Account Executive
    • Bryant Ison
      Senior Brand Manager
    • Sean Adee
      Product Manager
    • Ricky Bacon
      Director of Technology
    • William Mincy
      Technical Lead
    • Won Kim
      Unity Programmer
    • Karl Catigibe
      IOS Developer
    • Christine Reindl
      IOS Developer
    • Caroline Coleman
      Brand Director
      Content Production
    • Mustafa Imam
      Content Producer
    • Joe Marra
      Project Manager
    • Richard Cardinali
      Art Buyer
    • Dan Burt
      Music Producer
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