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By: Google Creative Lab , Weir + Wong , Tellart , Bibliotheque , B-Reel

Brand: Chrome

The Story

The first of its kind, Web Lab was a global museum experience. It made the invisible workings of the internet visible, thanks to five physical experiments at the Science Museum in London. These interactive experiments are designed to bring the magic of the web to life whilst showcasing the power and possibilities of Google's pioneering Chrome Browser.

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The experiments in Web Lab are all about showing people – whether visiting on the internet or at the museum itself – what it’s possible to do with the web. The ability to see amazing 3D graphics and have two-way conversations on video were just some of the tools that were used to inspired people and built this project.

The Technology

The Results

Online visitors could create music together, watch a robot drawing their portraits in the sand and discover the ever-widening limits of what is possible to do in a browser like Chrome. Anyone, anywhere, could visit Web Lab and experience the magic of the internet. Since Web Lab was launched in July 2012, it has been experienced by 2.5 million online visitors and 150,000 museum visitors, resulting in over one million user-generated creations. It continued 24 hours a day, seven days a week, until Summer 2013.

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    team members working on this project

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Launch Date Oct. 30, 2012

The Team

  • Google Creative Lab
    • Steve Vranakis
      Creative Director
    • Indy Saha
      Strategy Director
    • Tom Seymour
    • David Bruno
    • Maximilian Madile
      Marketing Manager
    • Ross Warren
      Design Lead
    • Jayme Goldstein
      Marketing Manager
  • Weir + Wong
    • Andy Weir
    • Robin Wong
  • Tellart
    • Matt Cottam
      Tellart Lead
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