Nature Valley Trail View

A hike through America's National Parks without leaving home.

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By: McCann Erickson New York , General Mills , InTheMo , Your Majesty

The Story

Three years ago, Nature Valley granola bars began their 'Preserve The Parks' program to support physical restoration projects and organize fundraising efforts in America's national parks. Nature Valley Trail View is a natural extension of that effort and is meant to tackle that preservation challenge digitally and on a larger scale. The basic idea was simple: to share the beauty of the national parks with as many people as possible, we created a Street View experience on backcountry hiking trails for the first time ever. The platform continues to grow and evolve to serve its mission.

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When given the challenge to reinvent the Nature Valley brand position, creative team Mat Bisher and Jason Schmall were inspired to capture some of the best, most beautiful trails in America’s National Parks, so that for the first time ever, they could be hiked by anyone, anywhere. They ported the Street View 360 technology into creating the original, unprecedented Trail View platform. The camera and field team partnered with Immersive, creators of the original 360 Dodeca camera pack, and spent three months hiking across three national parks to cover 333 miles. They continued innovation through development of full spherical mapping under the Google Maps API.

The Technology

The Results

Nature Valley Trail View invites people to experience nature, connect with and learn more about conservation efforts, and preserve and inspire future generations to become park stewards and evangelists. It's the first nature-based integrated technology platform that marries 360 technology with the National Parks; America’s best idea in a meaningful and scalable way.

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Launch Date March 7, 2012

The Team

  • McCann Erickson New York
    • Linus Karlsson
    • Andreas Dahlqvist
      Vice Chairman
      Executive Creative Director
    • Leslie Sims
      Executive Creative Director
    • Mat Bisher
      Creative Director
    • Jason Schmall
      Creative Director
    • Catherine Eve Patterson
      Executive Integrated Producer
    • Geoffrey Guinta
      Senior Integrated Producer
    • Ellie Parpis
      Chief Brand Editor
  • General Mills
    • Scott Baldwin
      Marketing Manager
  • InTheMo
    • Robert Cohen
      Director of Business Development
    • Adam Baskin
      Line Producer
    • Adam Cucurull
      Digitech Cameraman
    • Brandon McClain
      Lead Cameraman
  • Your Majesty
    • Jens Karlsson
      Executive Creative Director and Photographer
    • Riley Milhem
      Design Director
    • Micah Acinapura
      Tech Lead
    • Raed Atoui
    • Heather Reddig
      Executive Producer
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