Nike #MiPista

Laser-projected pop-up soccer fields that let you play anywhere any time.

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By: DoubleYou

Brand: Nike

The Story

Soccer is not only played on the field, it's played in just about every corner of the planet. That's why Nike designed FC247: a new style of shoe to play "anytime, anywhere". But in Spain, teens are missing out on the tradition of playing in the street due to the expansion of sports facilities. So we developed a way to create laser-projected pop-up soccer fields to enable users to play "anytime, anywhere".

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  • Image of campaign

The idea of grabbing a couple of rocks on the street to make goalposts has been lost. When kids get together, they spend more time on social networks than playing ball. So we came up with a way of encouraging them to play "anytime, anywhere”. We staged seven improvised events in Madrid during one weekend. The mobile accessible website was important to schedule the matches, but the video of these matches was the key to bring the new FC247 to a wider audience.

The Technology

The Results

While the events in Madrid might seem small, they got more than 200,000 YouTube views with no media investment. #MiPista ("my ground" in Spanish) reached around 5,500,000 people through social media conversation, blogs and earned media. And Nike received requests from all over the world to repeat the initiative in other cities.

  • 200k+

    views with no media investment

  • 100+

    requests to repeat the initiative in other countries

  • 5.5

    million people reached through social media, blogs and earned media

Launch Date May 17, 2013

The Team

  • DoubleYou
    • Fredo Sanz
      General Director
    • Jesús Revuelta
      Creative Director
    • Nuria Andrés
      Account Director
    • Ximo Villalba
      Senior Concept Writer
    • Marta Torredeflot
    • Bea Reboll
      Account Executive
    • Irene Choclán
      AV Production
    • Álvaro Sandoval
      Digital Production
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