Nike's Phenomenal Shot shows the world's greatest players in moments of unpredictable brilliance. Fans can capture, remix and share their own perfect shot–all in an immersive 3-D experience that uses new real-time ad delivery technology.

Launch the campaign
June 2015
    The Brief

    Engage Fans Everywhere

    Nike is constantly looking for ways to deepen engagement with sports fans globally. Together, we set out to tap into the real-time energy of live sports and explore how Google's ad technology can deliver more engaging experiences across the web and mobile, right when it matters most.

    Nike is always looking for new ways to innovate, not just through our athletes, products and stories but also in the way we connect with our consumers.
    Davide Grasso, Chief Marketing Officer, Nike


    The Insights

    Sports Fans and the Second Screen


    Watching sports is now a much more active experience because our mobile devices are always within reach—on the coffee table, in our pockets or on our laps. Today, 63% of searches during big games happen on mobile devices. In 2010, that figure was only 18%. We've evolved from a passive audience into an active audience; from sit back to lean forward. Google data shows that searches spike after major moments, as fans turn to their second screens to find stats, share the rush of the big plays and relive the glory. "Did you see that?" is the real-time currency of the web. Read more of our research into the behaviors that inspired this idea.

    The Experience

    Immersive 3-D Ads

    Through a specially designed, real-time delivery tool, immersive 3-D display ads appeared across the desktop and mobile sites and apps in the Google Display Network within seconds of an event happening on TV. The creative was customized based on the Nike athlete's phenomenal play happening on TV. To experience Nike Phenomenal Shot on your phone, visit from your mobile browser.

    The Technology

    Pushing the Boundaries of Mobile


    The fan is holding the camera and controlling the angle in a 3-D world.
    Brian Walker, Technology Director, Grow

    Phenomenal Shot is optimized for a rich mobile experience. HTML5 and JavaScript work together with the phone's gyroscope and compass data to determine the athlete's position in 3-D space. Fans can span 360° around a Nike athlete by tilting and panning their mobile device. The entire WebGL experience happens within the mobile browser, without the need to download an app.


    The Takeaways

    Embrace the Data


    Search data can be a great source of insight into the kind of content consumers are looking for in big, collective cultural moments. Examining this data can help – not just with what you create, but when you show it to the world.

    Plan for the Expected

    While you can't predict exactly what's going to happen, you can identify possible scenarios. Start by creating a library of content based on these scenarios. You may not need all this content, but it allows you to be nimble in the moment.

    Anticipate the Unexpected

    Chances are things won't always go exactly as planned. Before launch, create a framework for real-time decisions and approvals that includes all stakeholders – from creative, tech, production, media, legal and brand.

    For Small Screens, Think Big

    Mobile ads don't have to be a downsized version of your desktop creative. Modern browsers can deliver immersive mobile experiences that weren't possible two years ago, without having to download an app.