Be More Dog

Play Frisbee with a dog-like cat in this dual-screen HTML5 experience.

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Brand: O2

The Story

While looking for a way to promote our mobile-centric telecommunications brand in a new and different way, we turned to an unlikely source-dogs. They're playful, viewing life as one big adventure. We worked with agency VCCP and the Moving Picture Company to develop this campaign to prompt customers to embrace their inner dog. Those who visit are met by a cat that adopts an eager, dog-like outlook. The cat begs visitors to connect their mobile devices and play a multi-platform game of Frisbee.

  • Image of campaign
  • Image of campaign

Technology should spark creativity and enthusiasm. This was our thinking when creating the Be More Dog campaign. We moved beyond the typical tap or click, incorporating gestures while taking advantage of improvements in mobile browsers. In addition to the live-action TV spot, the Moving Picture Company’s 3D department modeled 12 cat animations for the online HTML5 Frisbee game.

The Technology

  • Responsive Design Patterns

    Video sharing

    Video Spriting

    Video Generator

  • Video


  • Web/Apps


    Google Analytics

    Node.JS & Express




The Results

We drew on the charm and character of the TV commercial and amplified it, creating an entertaining, interactive experience. A simple user experience and immersive gameplay with rich animation and high production values also contributed to its success.

  • 404,800

    Frisbees thrown

  • 33,000

    Dog bombs created

  • 780,902


Launch Date July 4, 2013

The Team

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