REI 1440 Project

1,440 images that illustrate the 1,440 minutes of an entire day.

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By: BBDO Atlanta , Resn

Brand: REI

The Story

REI and BBDO Atlanta came to Resn with an idea to fill an entire day with images. They have a highly engaged customer base that's turned into an active community for the sharing of quality outdoor photography, and they had an idea to give something back.

  • Image of campaign
  • Image of campaign

We translated the original creative brief, which was to illustrate an entire day of 1,440 minutes with images, into an HTML5 experience. It was paramount to us that design should not be compromised by usability, and vice versa. We have created a fun and simple method for users to add the time, activity, location and descriptions to images, making it a joy for people to get involved and share.

The Technology

  • Mobile


  • Social

    Social Media

The Results

The site is a highly visual HTML5 responsive design site that works across desktop, tablet and mobile. The site utilizes Facebook connect for easy authentication and sharing, pulls in user’s Instagram photos and utilizes almost all of the site data to let you view and filter images on a 24-hour timeline by everything from user to location, hash tag, activity and even color.

The minimal and intuitive design stays out of the way of the images and the user, allowing for an enjoyable browsing experience.

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    total hours spent on this project

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  • 187

    total hours of missed sleep

Launch Date Nov. 25, 2011

The Team

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