Heart of the Arctic

An educational and interactive scavenger hunt through the Canadian Arctic

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By: Cossette , Jam3 , Tendril

Brand: Royal Canadian Mint

The Story

To introduce its 100th Anniversary Canadian Arctic Expedition coin series, which commemorates Canada's first Arctic expedition, the Royal Canadian Mint created its Heart of the Arctic campaign. The challenge was to educate and entertain children about coin collecting and history. We therefore teamed with lead agency Cossette Montreal in collaboration with digital production company Jam3 and animation studio Tendril to develop an interactive scavenger hunt that transforms kids into Arctic explorers.

Heart of the Arctic was built as one 72,000-pixel-wide parallaxing page with countless hotspots and animations, all seamlessly delivered on both desktops and tablets using HTML5. The players encounter fact, fantasy and Inuit mythology as they attempt to restore the balance between night and day and save the Heart of the Arctic by unlocking four magical coins. We promoted the campaign through school programs, print ads, TV spots and the web.

The Technology

  • Web/Apps



The Results

Educators responded with incredible feedback, acknowledging that it’s a great tool for students. We were also recognized as the Favourite Website Awards (FWA) Site of the Day, FWA Site of the Month, FWA Project of the Week and the Awwwards Site of the Day.

  • 35,500

    Unique visitors over a two-month period

  • 35

    % of users spent ten minutes or more on the site

  • 23

    % returned to the experience

Launch Date Dec. 1, 2013

The Team

  • Cossette

    • Antoine Bécotte
      Executive Creative Director
    • Louis-Hugo Marchand
      Creative Director
    • Cameron Wilson
      Creative Director
    • Barbara Jacques
      Creative Director
    • Alexandre Jutras
      Art Director
    • Étienne Turcotte
      Art Director
    • Capucine Labarthe
      Art Director
    • Richard Bélanger
      Art Director
    • Sébastien Guy
      Art Director
    • Thimalay Sukhaseum
    • David Purkis
    • Geneviève Cardinal
    • Rachelle Claveau
      Client Services
    • Ève-Marie Boutet
      Client Services
    • Olivier Charbonneau
      Client Services
    • Laura Araujo
      Media Strategy
    • Adriana Novae
      Media Strategy
    • Kristi Cater
      Media Strategy
    • Maryse Beauregard
      Agency Producers
    • Luc Normandin
      Agency Producers
    • Rébecca Rouleau
      Agency Producers
    • Louis Vaillancourt
      Strategic Planning
    • François Lavigne
      User Experience
    • Alexandra Streliski
      Music Composition
    • Maxime Navert
      Music Composition
    • Mathieu Morin
      Sound Engineer
    • Mathieu Harrisson
  • Jam3

    • Pablo Vio
      Creative Director
    • Michael Dobell
      Executive Producer
    • Media Ridha
    • Greg Benedetto
      Production Coordinator
    • Roger Dario
    • Won Choi
      Jr. Designer
    • Mikko Haapoja
      Lead Developer
    • Matt Delauriers
    • Amal Khandelwal
  • Tendril

    • Alexandre Torres
      Creative Director
    • Kate Bate
      Executive Producer
    • Sue Riedl
    • Anne Deslauriers
    • Leah Wesolowski
      Production Coordinator
    • Luis Campos
      Concept Art and Design
    • Vini Nascimento
      Concept Art and Design
    • Kim Leow
      Concept Art and Design
    • Justin Harder
      Concept Art and Design
    • Guilherme Pereira
      Concept Art and Design
    • Max Piersig
      2D Animation
    • Nick Fairhead
      2D Animation
    • Daniel Lefebre
      2D Animation and 3D Animation
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