In Bullseye’s Playground, people can play mobile games with Bullseye and friends. The adventure starts with game previews that invite families to come to Target stores for more levels and surprises.

Launch the campaign
June 2015
    The Challenge

    Use technology to bring holiday magic to Target stores

    This winter, Target wanted to bring the spirit of the holidays to guests through a unique interactive experience in stores. Together, we set out to explore how technology could bring shoppers into Target stores, and elevate the in-store shopping experience to make the season a little more fun for the whole family.

    The Insights

    Digital is a powerful way to connect consumers with stores

    Smartphones are becoming ever more important to consumers' in-store shopping journeys. Recent Google research found that 87% of people use mobile devices to look for information before visiting a store, and that this holiday season 75% of shoppers with smartphones plan to use their phones while in-store.

    Savvy retailers are turning this into an opportunity, using clever mobile campaigns to inspire customers to visit stores, and to equip them with information once they're there. But shopping is also fun, and we wanted to see how we could use mobile technology to make the Target experience more memorable.

    The Big Idea

    Mobile holiday magic

    Bullseye's Playground is a series of mobile games that people can discover and preview at home on their mobile devices. The games invite families to come to Target stores for more levels and surprises. In four select locations, we pioneered an even richer in-store experience using Project Tango Development Tablets to transform the store's aisles into a 3D adventure on the screen.


    The Experience

    Mobile games transform the in-store experience

    Available in Target's 1800+ US stores, the Bullseye's Playground mobile games invite guests to sled down a mountainside, try ice fishing, or compete in a snowball fight with Bullseye's friends. The experience starts at; upon completing a game level, guests are prompted to discover secret codes hidden around the store to meet new characters and unlock surprises.

    Pioneering Future Technology

    A 3D winter adventure treasure hunt

    In four select stores, we pioneered a first-of-its kind virtual in-store experience that lets visitors feel a part of Bullseye's Playground. The Project Tango Development Tablet, available in-store, transforms the store's aisles into a 3D adventure on the screen, which guests play by walking around the store and interacting with characters on the screen. The characters respond to where the guests are in store, inviting them to step through a snowy forest to meet Olga the deer, peer into a steaming igloo to find Tobey the Bear, or start a snowball fight with Zoomer Dino.

    The Technology

    Creating a virtual in-store experience

    Project Tango is an initiative from Google's Advanced Technology and Projects group to push forward how mobile devices understand and respond to the physical world in 3D, such as size and shape of objects and rooms around them. To create Bullseye's playground, we mapped select Target stores in 3D using a Project Tango Development Tablet with specialized sensing hardware and software. Bullseye and friends bring games to life within this 3D map that guests explore on the tablet by walking around the store. The tablet senses its location in the store, for example toys aisle or electronics aisle, and shows artwork and characters on screen that correspond to those aisles.


    The Takeaways

    Mobile Can Drive People to Your Store

    Digital is a powerful way to connect consumers with stores- and mobile plays a huge role. People are using their smartphones to look for information before and during store visits. Embrace the opportunity to reach customers through smart, engaging ads or digital experiences that drive in-store traffic.

    Mobile Can Make In-Store Shopping Easier and More Fun

    Shoppers are still making most of their purchases at stores, and digital can transform the in-store experience for customers. Mobile presents new opportunities for retailers to connect by customizing guests' experiences once they're in-store. How can you can meet shoppers online with helpful information or special offers, or even find ways make the shopping experience more fun and memorable?