Recycled Energy Pizza

A pizzeria powered by households' saved energy.

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By: Anew

Brand: Vest Energy

The Story

Everyone knows that saving energy makes a difference. But just how much difference? The heating and energy recycling company VestforbrÌ_nding asked us to raise awareness about conscious use of energy. Our idea was to give their customers something in return for saving energy. We opened a pizzeria where energy saved in the district heating grid was turned into hot pizza.

  • Image of campaign
  • Image of campaign

We had to monitor the heat reduction within the district heating grid by linking data from the heating plant. We had to explain the local residents how to reduce their energy waste. So we advertised the opening of the pizzeria locally though SEO and ads that drew traffic to the website. The more page-loads about correct use of energy and the more sharing of correct energy use, the more pizza. So, social and online behaviour and energy waste was linked into the district heating grid. And in total - the more energy saved, the more pizza served.

The Technology

The Team

  • Anew
    • Rune Degett
      Creative Director
    • Mads Duzenius Christensen
      Account Director
    • Linea Moeller
      Art Director
    • Andreas Blinkenberg
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