In March of 2010, adidas wanted to increase brand awareness among American kids. We worked with Carat to amp up the brand's presence online by extending their TV spots across all channels, including PC and mobile versions of YouTube. Over the course of the campaign, the ad reached 100% of YouTube audiences, doubled their channel subscribers, and lifted conversion rates 1,400%.


  • Elevate brand awareness
  • Build brand preference among American kids


  • Extended power of TV spot by integrating that video across all digital platforms
  • Focused on creating high-impact, high-share-of-voice media executions
  • Gave U.S. consumers incentive to engage with the Adidas brand


  • Reached 100% of YouTube audiences, on both PCs and mobile devices
  • Masthead ads yielded interaction rates that were 2x industry benchmarks
  • Subscribers to the adidas channel doubled over the life of the campaign
September 2011

adidas launched an "all in" campaign to create build awareness, brand preference and "digital noise" among American Kids. With the help of Carat and Google, Adidas created dynamic creatives highlighting US sports and entertainment. They ran across TV and YouTube on PCs and mobile. The campaign produced these results:

  • The YouTube Masthead ad resulted in a 1,400+% lift in brand response conversions (site visits and searches for the Adidas brand on Google and YouTube).
  • Masthead ads yielded interaction rates that were 2x industry benchmarks.
  • Subscribers to the Adidas channel doubled over the life of the campaign.
'adidas’ integrated digital approach proved highly successful, enabling them to chatter around the Adidas brand.