Benefit Cosmetics - the iconic cosmetics company founded in San Francisco, California with a presence in 35 countries - is known for its free-spirited brand, and unique approach to marketing. With no traditional advertising, Benefit reaches consumers entirely through social and digital channels. With the Wildfire Social Marketing Suite, Benefit manages its social pages and messaging, and builds creative campaigns with little lead-time and programming required (one of which lead to a #1 selling mascara launch in the UK).


  • Benefit needed a social solution to generate buzz around products and heighten publicity around events
  • Benefit wanted creative campaigns with minimal lead time and programming required


  • Benefit used the Wildfire Social Marketing Suite to raise awareness and anticipation about its newest mascara product
  • Benefit used Wildfire to highlight new products, capitalize on specific holidays, and sustain engagement throughout the year


  • Benefit won the title of UK’s #1 selling mascara
  • In six months, Benefit gained more than 90,000 social users and increased engagement by 500%
Published in
May 2012


Benefit Cosmetics does not participate in traditional advertising; instead Benefit uses digital channels as a way to reach its audience and cultivate a forum. The brand approached Wildfire because it needed a social marketing solution to generate word-of-mouth buzz to market products and heighten publicity around high profile events. Benefit wanted creative campaigns with little lead time or programming required, which Wildfire could provide.


Benefit used the Wildfire Social Marketing Suite to raise awareness and anticipation about its newest line of mascara. Wildfire’s extensive templates suited the look and feel of the Benefit brand, allowing for creativity and efficiency. The company consistently updated its tabs, often highlighting new products, capitalizing on specific holidays, and maintaining engagement with calls-to- action and exclusive prizes. Benefit created a forum for follower and fan engagement through campaigns such as the successful “Men of Movember” Facebook photo contest, which allowed for an easily customizable gallery and poll on its page. Another campaign highlighted a Facebook milestone: “We’ve reached 100,000 fans! We’re giving away 1,000 Limited-Edition Benefit T-shirts!” Benefit also ran a co- branded essay competition with Diet Coke titled, “Win a ‘Get Glam’ Experience!” which provided the winners with an opportunity to win a trip to an exclusive London event where 30 lucky winners received complimentary Benefit makeovers. Benefit uses the Suite’s Messenger tool to directly engage with its users across Google+, Twitter, and Facebook, handling both outgoing messaging, and incoming feedback through the Wildfire dashboard.

Wildfire provided Benefit with tailored support and expertise which allowed Benefit to execute completely integrated marketing campaigns, and generate and engage 90,000 new fans.


Using the Wildfire Social Marketing Suite, Benefit was able to effectively build eight custom social campaigns in a minimal amount of time. Through consistent messaging via the Suite, the brand captured the title of UK’s #1 selling mascara. In six months, the company’s efforts resulted in over 90,000 “Likes” and the number of engaged social users increased by 500%. The Wildfire platform’s flexibility provided Benefit with ways to capture its audience’s attention while still employing an authentic, lighthearted Benefit tone.


Benefit Cosmetics is a iconic cosmetics manufacturer founded and headquartered in San Francisco, California. Founded by twins Jean and Jane Ford in 1976, the company is known for its funky stores and packaging. This free-spirited and all new approach to beauty is now being sold at over 2,000 counters in 35 countries worldwide.