This case study of Danacol measured and quantified the effectiveness of all their marketing in Italy. In 2011, online media was responsible for nearly 3% of overall sales. Most surprisingly perhaps is that even with the smallest budget, AdWords were responsible for 2% on their own, and were most productive when complementing TV.


  • Measure and quantify the effectiveness of Danacol marketing in Italy with a focus on digital
  • Discover what the drivers are for Danacol's business
  • Find out the contribution and ROI of online planning and AdWords to sales


  • Researched offline, digital, and paid search activity
  • Looked at keyword effectiveness
  • Conducted thorough analysis of findings


  • Online media drives almost 3% of 2011 total sales
  • Adwords contributes to 2% of 2011 Danacol sales with a payback of 11€ per invested euro
  • Adwords and TV show synergic effect when working together, helping TV productivity
July 2012

This study aims to measure and quantify, through econometric modeling, the effectiveness of all Danacol marketing in Italy, with particular focus on productivity of the digital media. It looks to answer key questions, such as: What are the drivers of Danacol business? How much do the online planning and AdWords contribute to sales and what is their payback?

Key findings:

  • Online media drives almost 3% of 2011 total sales.
  • Though with small budget, Adwords contributes to 2% of 2011 Danacol sales with a considerable payback of 11€ per invested euro.
  • Adwords and TV show significant synergic effect when working together (+43% of turnover generated per click) and thus also helping TV to be more productive.