Do simple online text ads actually get customers to walk into—and buy at—a brick-and-mortar store? This research study conducted with SymphonyIRI found that every test market that implemented search and display ads achieved lifts of +2.2% to +4.7% versus markets that didn't use either. The strongest results were displayed by ads that messaged savings.


  • Measure offline impact of Google search and display
  • Determine if geo-based targeting can prevent moving sales away from a specific competitor
  • Determine which ad messages resonate best with consumers and are most effective at driving offline sales


  • Test market compared sales with control
  • Collected data for ten weeks


  • Google search and display is an effective media vehicle to move offline sales
  • A geo-targeted search and display strategy is effective at driving consumers away at the retailer level
  • Search ads with coupon messaging resonate best with consumers and drive the strongest offline performance
August 2010

What’s the best way for a simple online text ad to get customers walking into a brick-and-mortar store? This study with SymphonyIRI found:

  • All test markets that implemented search and display showed lifts from +2.2% to +4.7% versus the dark market that did not have search or display
  • Search campaigns that messaged savings lead to the highest click-through rates and ultimately strongest offline sales lift: +4.7%