How can YouTube be used to organically advertise a product without a hard sell? GoPro, a camera designed to capture life's most exciting moments, advertised its product and built a fanbase by posting content to YouTube. By using YouTube as a production tool and encouraging fans to do share the content shot on their caneras, GoPro was able to increase their sales and raise awareness of their brand.


  • Build a fanbase
  • Advertise what the GoPro camera can do
  • Increase sales


  • Post tagged GoPro content to YouTube
  • Work with YouTube reps to use YouTube as a production tool


  • Increased views of content on YouTube led to increase in sales
  • YouTube exposure led to more followers and fans
April 2012

GoPro, a small lightweight camera that you can attach to a helmet, surfboard, and even a hulahoop, has changed the way we document action sports, special life moments and newsworthy events. GoPro has been able to discover a community of content creators, sharers, and brand evangelists on YouTube.