Price Chopper knew that digital coupons make it easier for shoppers to get savings at the moment they are deciding to buy. So the 81-year-old supermarket chain turned to Zavers by Google to deliver better, more relevant digital rewards, particularly to its loyalty card customers. Working closely with the Zavers team, Price Chopper created a custom interface that allowed it to integrate content seamlessly with both its website and mobile app. It started seeing results right away, with significant gains among its best customers.


  • Respond to loyal shoppers needs
  • Optimize coupon marketing campaigns to drive efficiency (ROI) and efficacy (the right coupon to the right customer)
  • Partner with a forward-looking company to continue innovating in the grocery industry


  • Partner with Zavers to allow Price Chopper’s shoppers to load digital coupons directly to AdvantEdge cards
  • Use Zavers API to seamlessly link coupon content with their website and mobile app
  • Integrate Zavers in their POS to allow seamless coupon redemption by swiping rewards cards


  • Ability to offer load-to-card coupons to their shoppers
  • High adoption of digital coupons by Price Chopper’s most loyal shoppers: 1 out of 2 e-coupon users are their best shoppers
  • Significant increase in spend, trip frequency and total weekly spend among Price Chopper’s e-coupon customers
June 2013