The company’s internet marketing team of six people is responsible for managing thousands of campaigns worldwide and ensuring that JetBrains' products stand out in a global marketplace that includes not only competitor brands but also freeware solutions.

The small marketing team was keen to increase the efficiency of their marketing activities. They wanted a unified deployment, analysis, reporting and optimisation tool so they could manage thousands of search and display campaigns and collect all marketing data in one place. At the same time, it was important to increase reach to find new customers among software developers and improve ad effectiveness to drive revenue.

As JetBrains offers monthly and annual subscription plans, the team needed to be able to track recurring transactions so they could calculate the full return on investment from marketing channels. In order to push information about all recurring transactions to Google Analytics 360 and achieve a full picture of their customers’ lifetime value, JetBrains integrated their CRM data with Google Analytics 360.

Next, JetBrains linked their Google Analytics 360 account together with the DoubleClick stack, including DoubleClick Bid Manager, DoubleClick Campaign Manager and DoubleClick Search. This integration allowed JetBrains to use their advanced Google Analytics 360 implementation to the fullest. On one side, the team could now optimise DoubleClick activities using Google Analytics 360 data, while on other side they could build advanced remarketing lists in Google Analytics 360 and to push them to DoubleClick Bid Manager and DoubleClick Search.

Now we can concentrate more on what's important and less on manual operations. Our campaigns' reach and performance have significantly increased and we've been able to implement audience-based marketing.

Vladimir Sitnikov, Internet Marketing Team Lead, JetBrains

With newfound abilities to assess customers’ full lifetime value and target the most relevant and valuable audiences, JetBrains recorded improvement of all key performance indicators including revenue, return on ad spend and relevance.

Among sessions driven by marketing campaigns, revenue per session increased by 21% year over year. Return on ad spend improved by 90% year over year in Google Search and remarketing campaigns, and by 15% in media campaigns. DoubleClick Bid Manager campaigns produced click-through rates that were 200% better than direct ad networks, thanks to improved relevancy and better targeting options.

Our activity has become more transparent and quantifiable, simplifying internal communications and enforcing a data-driven culture.

Vladimir Sitnikov, Internet Marketing Team Lead, JetBrains