A guide to driving retail sales and reaching new customers with Google

April 2021

In 2020, disruptions to the retail industry caused a seismic shift in consumer shopping behavior, which we predict will continue this year. In Q4, retail searches grew at a rate over 3X higher than the same time last year,* signifying a major shift to digital. Rapidly changing societal norms are also making the path to purchase increasingly complex, as customers combine online and in-store shopping experiences in new ways.

To help businesses and brands craft a strategy to connect with customers throughout these new journeys and drive more sales, we’ve created a straightforward retail guide to help you get the most out of Google. We’ve collected highly useful tools, product recommendations, and consumer insights to help you achieve your business and marketing objectives. Whether you’re looking to optimize your existing marketing mix or making a game plan for the holiday season, this guide has you covered.

How Coach untangled a complex customer journey by unifying its data