Data Shorts

Bite-size stories for busy marketers, driven by trending data from Google.

Could Micro-Influencers Help Counter Vaccine Hesitancy?

Research suggests micro-influencer marketing could be a powerful way to encourage vaccine uptake.

Why We’re Feeling Digital Video

Discover the mindsets and emotions driving the streaming boom.

Ready Together: Rethinking Operating Models

We brought together Kellogg’s North America CMO and Leo Burnett’s CSO to talk about how they’re rethinking traditional brand-agency models to be ready for the future.

What Billions of Bad Ads Taught Us

Meet the teams and technology behind milestone moments in ads safety.

Are Ads Inclusive Yet?

Despite some improvement, nuanced portrayals of identity are still hard to find.

What’s New at Mealtime?

Get to know the food trends brands should be prepared for in 2021.

The Shopping Filter

Marketers are using augmented reality to reinvent the digital store.

Holiday Views: 2020 Retail Shopping Trends

Here’s how to prepare your digital storefront for this year’s holiday shopper.

Auto, Accelerated

Retailers across industries have acted swiftly to open digital stores, and now, new car buyers want auto brands to do the same. Changing behavior and rising demand for a frictionless auto buying experience are revolutionizing an industry over 100 years old.

The CMO’s Changing Mandate

For years, the influence of the CMO role has been in decline. But as more brands fast-track digital transformation in response to the extraordinary challenges of 2020, these senior leaders have an opportunity to rise to the occasion by reinventing themselves and, in the process, growing their businesses.

From Search, with Love

Conveying affection online is one of the novel challenges of the COVID-19 era. And people are searching for ways to express how they feel.

Rethink Ready: Spotting the Signals

To be ready for tomorrow, brands should keep a close eye on what’s happening today. But first, they need to know what to look for.

The Inclusive Campaign

What makes an advertising campaign authentically inclusive? We looked at three to find out.

Unbiasing Your Business

When it comes to inclusion, research shows that transparency around diversity data is an important step toward lasting change.

Rethink Ready: Tomorrow’s Market

From tiny fluctuations to seismic shifts in demand, understanding what matters to people — and creating meaningful messages at scale — has always been a critical marketing challenge. Automation gives brands the ability to be ready for what’s next.

Beyond Marble & Mortar

Digital-first brands are raising the bar for all financial services providers, signaling a watershed moment in the industry.

The Near Outdoors

It’s time to reimagine travel for the unimaginable.