First-party data and effective measurement are helping brands and agencies get closer than ever to customers. From personalizing at scale to evolving internal teams, the best partners are rethinking consumer connections to be ready for the future, together.

Ready Together: Rethinking consumer connections

A new study from Google and 4A’s explores how brands and agencies can work together to accelerate growth.1

We brought together Patrick McLean, Walgreens chief marketing officer, and Sanja Partalo, executive vice president of WPP, to find out how they’re rethinking the ways they connect with customers at every touchpoint.

This is the final installment in our three-part Ready Together series featuring strategic brand and agency partners. See the previous conversation to find out what 7-Eleven’s Marissa Jarratt and 360i’s Abbey Klaassen say about using automation to drive revenue and unlock strategic value.



Copy & Design: Redwood BBDO (Agency); Story: Paddy Collins and Aly Gibson; Product Lead: Casey Fictum; Production Lead: Jenny Maughan.


Forrester Consulting, U.S., Ready Together: How US Agencies Can Accelerate Growth Today and Futureproof for Tomorrow, a thought leadership study commissioned by Google and 4A’s, Jan. 2021.