The Demanding Consumer: Expecting tailored experiences

Jan 2018

When people go online for information, they expect every experience to be tailored just for them. Today, people expect brands to understand their intent.

For marketers, this means meeting these demanding consumers with the right information in the right moment.

Expectations have never been higher. We’ve seen that people increasingly use personal language—such as “me” and “I”—in their searches. Whether they are problem-solving or learning about the world around them, people want the most relevant and personal results in any situation.

Mobile searches for "_____ for me" have grown over 60% in the past two years. 1: What running shoes are best for me? 2: Which dog is right for me? 3: Best haircut for me 4: Which credit card is best for me? Mobile searches for "_____ should I ______" have grown over 65% in the past two years. 1: What ... do today?   2: How often ... wash my hair?  3: How many credit cards ... have?  4: What …. make for dinner?

And that applies to location too. People expect relevant results even as they're providing less information.

Over the last two years, comparable searches without "near me" have grown by 150%. While restaurant-related searches have grown by double digits over the past two years, those same searches that include a zip code qualifier have declined by over 30%.