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A Mobile-First Mindset Is Essential in Marketing Analytics

As people move between channels and devices, traditional media metrics have become outdated—making a mindset shift critical. New research from Econsultancy and Google shows that companies making that shift were more than twice as likely to have significantly exceeded their business goals.

Establish the business metrics that really matter

Leading marketers choose to focus on bottom-line sales and profits rather than just clicks and conversions.

Leading marketers are 75% more likely than the mainstream marketers to have moved to a more holistic model of measurement in the last two years.

Leading marketers bring in more data sources to their analysis; they are 83% more likely to use cross-device analysis in their analytical models.


of leading marketers agree that "to truly matter, marketing analytics KPIs must be tied to broader business goals."

Find new ways to bridge gaps and embrace experimentation

Leading marketers realize they won't always have perfect numbers, so they focus on building reliable benchmarks and estimates and invest in testing.

Leading marketers are 71% more likely than their peers to regularly use estimates to bridge gaps in measurement.

Leading marketers are 3X as likely to see their estimates as "very reliable" compared to the mainstream.

Leading marketers are more than 2X as likely to conduct "big bet" experiments than the mainstream.