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2019 research review: New media channels are emerging

From growing use of podcasts and online video to newer technologies like augmented reality and voice, the media landscape continues to evolve. The people marketers are looking to engage have never been more connected. But it can be hard to know exactly where they’re spending time online. As media consumption habits change, marketers need to be more informed than ever about where to connect with customers.

People are increasingly turning to image search for ideas and inspiration

Mobile searches for “image search” have grown by over 60% in the past two years.


of online shoppers say images helped them decide what to buy.


of online shoppers say images inspire them to purchase.

Online video continues to grow in importance, and the way people watch is changing as well

Watch time for shopping-related videos on YouTube grew in U.S. by more than 5X over the past two years.

Over the past three years, the number of YouTube channels with more than 1 billion views has grown by 5X.


of global YouTube watch time happens on smartphones and tablets.

Other forms of media consumption, from voice to podcasts to online video on TV, are growing in popularity


of the global online population is using voice search on mobile.

Watch time of YouTube on TV screens now tops 250M hours per day globally.

Mobile searches for "podcast(s)" have grown by over 80% in the past two years.

Smart speaker usage is growing as they become more connected to users’ lives

Active users of the Google Assistant grew 4X over the past year.

People used Google Home devices to look up over 16 million recipes last holiday season, with over a million of those searches happening on Christmas day.

The Google Assistant is now built into more than 1 billion devices.

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