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4 ways consumers turn to apps for an improved new year

While resolution-setting is at its peak at the start of a new year, people turn to apps throughout the year to help them be more productive, learn new things, and then some. Check out these app-related Google search trends that are growing year-over-year to help people stay on track and meet their goals.

Being productive on the go

People are exploring ways to use apps to make their lives easier with these Google searches:

Brand-specific searches for time-saving “delivery” and “pick up” apps have grown over 205% YoY.

Searches for “grocery,” “pharmacy,” and “photo” apps related to specific retailers have grown 140% YoY.

Searches for branded restaurant apps that enable things like reservations, tracking orders, and discounts have grown 120% YoY.

Feeling never too old (or young) to learn

People are honing their skills with the following app searches:

Searches for learning-related apps, such as “guitar learning app” and “K-12 learning app,” have grown 80% YOY.

Searches for apps related to learning a language have grown 85% YOY.

Searches for parenting/family-related apps, such as "allowance and chores app for kids" and "brushing teeth app for kids free," have grown 65% YoY.

Wanting a healthy body and mind

People are looking for apps to help them stay in shape physically and mentally with these Google searches:

Searches for fitness-related apps for athletic clothing and shoes have grown over 135% YoY.

Searches for “bodybuilding” or “weightlifting” apps have grown over 190% YOY.

Searches for yoga and meditation apps, such as "mindfulness apps" or "yoga for beginners app," grew 65% YoY.

Getting smarter with their finances

People are finding ways to save and grow their money with the following Google searches:

Searches for "free food" or "drink deal" restaurant apps have grown 100% YoY.

Searches for "coupon" apps related to specific brands have grown 90% YOY.

Investing and stock-related app searches, such as "penny stock trading app," "home advisor app," and "investments app," have grown 115% YoY.