2019 research review: Standards are being raised in privacy and digital wellbeing

In 2019, it became evident that user privacy, trust, and wellbeing go hand in hand with effective advertising. To be successful, marketers need to work to win people’s trust by raising industry standards and by providing more tools and insights to help them manage their digital wellbeing.


Last year, people made 2.5 billion visits to their Google Account pages, where they can view or adjust how their ads are personalized.

Search interest in the U.S. for “my activity,” where people can manage information saved to their Google Account has increased sixfold since 2016.


of parents are concerned about the amount of time their kids spend on devices.

Watch time of videos related to “quiet time” grew by 80% over the last year.

Americans have taken steps to improve their digital wellbeing in the past year, and more than 80% of them said this had a positive impact on their overall sense of wellbeing.

YouTube has delivered over 1 billion “take a break reminders” since the feature was introduced last year.

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