Google Search Data, U.S., Jul. 2015 and Jul. 2016.


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of parents believe companies and brands can do more to represent learners from all backgrounds in back-to-school messaging.

July 2017 Google/Ipsos

More than half of parents say that video ads from companies that address their back-to-school anxieties are more memorable to them.

July 2017 Google/Ipsos

If each hour of back-to-school YouTube content watched in 2016 alone was represented by a pencil, they would stretch from Brisbane, California to Brisbane, Australia and back.

Jan - Dec 2016 YouTube

Watch time of back-to-school-related content on YouTube has more than tripled over the past two years.

July - Sept 2014, 2016 YouTube

This 2016 back-to-school season watch time for back-to-school videos on YouTube is up more than 70% YoY.

Jun.–Jul. 2015 and Jun.–Jul. 2016 YouTube Data

Searches for learning-related apps such as "guitar learning app" and "k-12 learning app" have grown 80% YoY.

Sept. 2017 Google