During the big game, the majority of TV-ad-driven searches happen on mobile, up from 70% to 82% YOY.

Think with Google, "How the Big Game Played Out on the Second Screen," Feb. 2016.


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There have been 7.5 million incremental searches for the brands advertising during the big game.

February 2016 Think with Google

minutes of watch time captured by the top 20 Super Bowl ads on YouTube.

December 2016 YouTube

Super Bowl ad viewership on YouTube outside the U.S. has grown over 28X.

December 2016 YouTube

of searches about sneakers during the Sweet Sixteen and Elite Eight rounds of the 2016 March Madness tournament occurred on mobile.

March 2016 Google Data

March Madness fans are 16X more likely to watch videos related to sports news compared to the average YouTube viewer.

March 2016 Google Data

People watched more than 3 million hours of March Madness videos on YouTube during the first four rounds of the 2016 March Madness tournament.

March 2016 Google Data