115% YOY rise in investing and stock-related app searches, such as “penny stock trading app” and “investment apps."

Google Data, U.S., Jan.–Sept. 2016 vs. Jan.–Sept. 2017.


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65% YOY increase in queries for yoga and meditation apps, such as “mindfulness apps” or “yoga for beginners app."

Sept. 2017 Google

190%+ growth in searches for “bodybuilding” or “weightlifting” apps.

Sept. 2017 Google

200%+ YOY growth in brand-specific searches for “delivery” and “pick up” apps.

Sept. 2017 Google

of gaming app users are women.

July 2017 Ipsos

of smartphone owners say they use apps.

July 2017 Ipsos

is the average load time for a mobile page.

January 2017 Google