Around half of ASMR viewers are between 18 and 24 years old—and 77% of them are looking at beauty and fitness content.

Google Internal Data, as of Aug. 19, 2016. Google-defined lifestyle, psychographic, and behavioral audiences based on anonymized, aggregated user browsing behavior on the Google Display Network. Audience defined as U.S., interested in ASMR, as compared to the U.S. general population.


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Women are more likely to seek a "how-to" video than a beauty video on YouTube.

Jul. 2016 Google/Ipsos Connect

of females 18 to 24 years old used their phones to search for health and beauty how-to content in the past three months.

Jun. 2015 Google/Galaxy

of millennials say they've watched YouTube videos to improve their health or feel better after feeling down.

May 2017 Google/Ipsos Connect

Over the past year, watch time on YouTube of episode and movie recaps has more increased 50%.

January 2018 Google