Price was the No. 1 factor for switching brands. Coming in at No. 2 were life events—like needing more cargo space for a new addition to the family.

Google/Critical Mix, U.S., Google Automotive Loyalty Study, N=944, A18+ completes who have purchased/leased a vehicle in the past 10 years and have switched to another brand as previous lease/purchase, Q4 '17.


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of auto brand loyalists felt completely decided when beginning their research for a new car.

December 2017 Google/TNS

The No. 1 influence on brand loyalty is the sales experience at the dealership.

December 2017 Google/TNS

Brands have fewer opportunities to influence customers in person.

December 2017 Google/TNS

The No. 2 influence on brand loyalty—after the sales experience—is a customer’s maintenance and service experience.

December 2017 Google/Critical Mix