Avg speed for travel mobile sites to display content

Avg. Speed for Travel Mobile Sites to Display Content SVG
Google Research, Webpagetest.org, Global, based on sample of more than 900,000 mWeb sites across Fortune 1000 and Small Medium Businesses, Jan. 2017.


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About the Data

How quickly the page displays content to users (lower is better). Best practice: Under 3 seconds.

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Avg number of content pieces needed for travel mobile sites to display

Content Pieces Needed for Travel Mobile Sites to Display SVG
January 2017 Google

The No. 1 reason a high-value traveler chooses to book with a particular brand is customer service, not a loyalty program.

June 2018 Google/Greenberg

An easy-to-use website matters more than online reviews or even loyalty programs to high-value travelers.

June 2018 Google/Greenberg

Across nine markets, researching hotels and airfares on a mobile device is as common as shopping for clothing.

December 2017 Google/Phocuswright

Smartphone users cite price as the most important factor in booking travel.

December 2017 Google/Phocuswright