Caesars Entertainment drove a 15% increase in brand favorability and a 200% increase in search lift among its target audience.

Google Brand Lift Data, Caesars Entertainment, 2018.


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Video searches for “which [product] should I buy” have doubled since last year.

June 2018 Google

Searches for “what shows to watch” spiked about 30% from 2018 to 2019.

June 2019 Google

of the content produced by U.S. YouTube creators is watched by users in other countries.

May 2019 YouTube

Watch time of “test drive” videos on YouTube has grown by more than 65% in the past two years.

March 2019 Google Data

Over 25,000 creators, from pop stars to talk-show hosts to beauty bloggers and everyday people, have already shared their coming-out stories on YouTube.

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People who saw the U.S. Navy's YouTube ads at least twice were 19% more likely to search for U.S. Navy keywords on YouTube within three days.

December 2018 Google Brand Lift Data