of the Top 100 brand’s purpose-driven videos were about women’s empowerment.

Pixability, June 2017, “Purpose Driven Marketing” Research. Top 100 brands defined by Interbrand’s 2016 list of top 100 global brands.


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Video Performance by Social Cause

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June 2017 Pixability/YouTube

Funny LGBT creative drives strong purchase intent, with 68% of survey respondents claiming that funny ads make them more likely to purchase.

April 2017 Google

of millennials say they've watched YouTube videos to improve their health or feel better after feeling down.

May 2017 Google/Ipsos Connect

Why people turn to YouTube

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Oct. 2017 2and2/Google

How watching videos on YouTube makes people feel

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Oct. 2017 2and2/Google

Recent research revealed how-to videos earn the most attention of any content category on YouTube, even more than music clips or gaming.

2017 Google/Ipsos