Searches for “where to buy” increase until December 23 and recover to pre-Christmas week levels for the final week of the year.

Google Data, U.S., Nov.–Dec. 2016.


Related Data

In 2016, mobile searches for "where to buy" peaked on Christmas Eve.

December 2016 Google

In 2016, mobile searches for "black friday ad(s)" peaked on Thanksgiving.

Dec. 2016 Google

Mobile searches containing "Black Friday" increased by 80% over the past two years.

Dec. 2016 Google

Among the top Black Friday searches are: "cyber monday vs black friday," "which is better black friday or cyber monday," and "is cyber monday as good as black friday."

Dec. 2016 Google

Online conversions spike on both Black Friday and Cyber Monday - the mobile transaction rate jumps 40% during the Thanksgiving weekend when compared with the rest of the year.

Dec. 2016 Google