YouTube Data, U.S., Classification "travel diary and vlog" videos were based on public data such as headlines, tags, etc., and may not account for every such video available on YouTube, Jan.–June 2015 and Jan.–June 2017.


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Watch time of "does it work" videos grew by more than 11X in the past two years.

June 2017 YouTube

Searches for phrases containing "LGBT" on YouTube doubled from 2015 to 2016.

Jan.–Dec. 2015 and 2016 YouTube

of females 18 to 24 years old used their phones to search for health and beauty how-to content in the past three months.

Jun. 2015 Google/Galaxy

adults in the U.S. watches auto content on YouTube once per month.

February 2016 Google/Ipsos Connect

of US holiday shoppers 18+ who visited a store turned to online search prior to going

2017-2018 Google/Ipsos

of shoppers say they’ve discovered new products and brands on YouTube.

July 2018 Google/Magid Advisors