The average car buyer used to visit five dealerships. Now, with online research, that number has dropped to two.

McKinsey Advanced Industries, "Innovating automotive retail", Feb. 2014, United States.; Google/TNS, Auto Shopper Study, 2016, United States. Consumer Barometer n=526.


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While car sales today start online, more than 95% of purchases still happen at the dealership.

2017 Google/Hyundai Motor America

of vehicle buyers use digital as a source of information. In fact, twice as many start their research online versus at a dealer.

Jan. 2017 Google/comScore

Mobile searches for "open now" and "store hours" grow through December and peak on Christmas Day

Dec. 2016 Google

When people need auto maintenance information quickly, the first place they turn is search.

2017 Google / Critical Mix

of those who own a voice-activated speaker would like to receive info about deals, sales, and promotions from brands.

Aug. 2017 Google/Peerless Insights

of those who regularly use a voice-activated speaker say they order products they need like groceries, household items, etc., at least once a week.

Aug. 2017 Google/Peerless Insights