of marketers cited organizational and structural challenges as the No.1 reason they haven't adopted data-driven attribution.

Advertiser Perceptions/Google, Measurement Survey, U.S., Sept. 2017, (n of 197 marketer and agency contacts who are fully involved in media brand selection decisions.


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of all marketers say they currently have, or will have in the next 12 months, the capability to use marketing attribution.

May 2017 Econsultancy/Google

Leading marketers are 31% more likely than mainstream marketers to have increased investment in technologies that make site experiences faster.

March 2017 Econsultancy and Google

100% spike in U.S. search interest for “me too” in October 2017—an all-time high.

March 2018 Google

40%+ of those interested in the topic of women’s rights are men.

Feb. 2018 Google