of people say they pick up another device during a television ad break.

Google/Ipsos YouTube and TV Viewability in Home Controlled Experiments, U.S., 2,953 ads, 2016.

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Funny LGBT creative drives strong purchase intent, with 68% of survey respondents claiming that funny ads make them more likely to purchase.

April 2017 Google

In the U.S., watch time of top 20 TV celebrity videos on YouTube has tripled since 2013.

2016 YouTube

During the big game, the majority of TV-ad-driven searches happened on mobile, increasing from 70% to 82% YoY.

Feb. 2016 Think with Google

incremental searches for the brands advertising during the big game.

Feb. 2016 Think with Google

Over the past year, watch time on YouTube of episode and movie recaps has more increased 50%.

January 2018 Google