Google/Greenberg, Global, Travel Tours and Activities Survey and Behavioral Study, Dec. 2018.


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of experience bookings are happening once travelers arrive at their destination.

December 2018 Google/Greenberg

Travelers who book their activities ahead of their trip spend 47% more on lodging and 81% more on transportation than those who wait to book in destination.

December 2018 Google/Greenberg

In the 12 weeks leading up to a trip, there are 3X more experiences searches than hotel searches.

December 2018 Google/Greenberg

Searches for activities happen across devices in the three months prior to a trip, but shift significantly to 54% mobile when travelers are in-destination.

December 2018 Google/Greenberg

Search is the No. 1 channel high-value travelers turn to.

June 2018 Google/Greenberg

Mobile searches for “things to do/activities” plus “near me” have seen a 6X increase over the last two years.

March 2018 Google Data