35% of people who search for food and beverage terms do so exclusively on a phone, according to a recent study.

Google/Luth, "The Role of Mobile on the CPG Purchase Journey," U.S., Apr. 2016. Food and beverage purchasers Aug. 12–31, n=318.


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Searches for branded restaurant apps that enable things like reservations, tracking orders, and discounts have grown 120% YoY.

Sept. 2017 Google

YoY growth in search for "free food" or "drink deal" apps for restaurants.

Sept. 2017 Google

Travel-related searches for "tonight" and "today" have grown over 150% on mobile, over the past two years.

Jan. - June 2017 vs. Jan. - June 2015. Google

Over 50% of the searches for 5 of the top 10 trending functional foods are on mobile.

Jan.–Mar. 2016 Google Internal Data, U.S

The top 5 videos about ways to consume turmeric (turmeric tea, "golden milk," capsules) have a combined 3.9M views.

Jan. 2015–Feb. 2016 Google Internal Data, U.S

growth in searches for "turmeric."

Feb. 2016 vs. Feb. 2012 Google Trends, U.S